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Literature can be expressed through several channels, of which print and film are included. Film and print have different approaches to the plot of a tale and its presentation. The adaptation of book series is controversial since the film shows the creativity of the director via production of scenes to his or her liking and rarely represents the author’s essence. The books on the other hand encompass the imagination of the author in which his or her imagination captures the audience through the characters encounters through a sequence of chapters. Film and book series have varying differences that alter the story plot.

In my opinion, the movie counterparts of books do not effectively depict the essence or lessons as described in the printed version. I believe that the main cause of this is that the directors want to cut down the time it takes to film the movie and, of course, the duration of the movie. If all the details from the first Harry Potter book were to be taken into account, the movie itself would probably be more than 5 hours long! Furthermore, some elements in the book would be impossible to depict visually.

For example, certain scenes with magical trees or the face of a person, all scraggly and old. The script writer of the movie probably wanted the script to be short and sweet, depicting the general idea from the book as well as capturing the audiences’ attention. Imagination is key in reading a book. I, myself, like to imagine scenes, faces and props. In my own experience, reading the book before watching the movie (which was what I did) can possibly spoil the movie for you. Reading the book puts ideas into your head, allowing you to visualize what you think something will look like. When the movie comes out and it doesn’t fit the description that you visualize, then disappointment would ensue. It’s very “expectation versus reality” to put it plainly.

The reader expects one thing, gets another. Personally, I’ve been disappointed by many movies, simply because what is shown does not match what is in my head. Other than what was mentioned above, I believe that script writers also take the creative liberty to change up some parts of the plot that may be slow moving or uninteresting. They may want to spice things up with a love relationship here or a death there. They might even (and I shudder to think of this happening) change the storyline entirely. This is, to me, a very unfortunate event that has transpired in many a movie. With that said, I must mention here that actors themselves might incorporate their own “essences” in to the character, making the character uniquely theirs, quite unlike what was originally described by the author. In conclusion, I’m sure many people will agree with me that movie counterparts do not effectively depict the author’s description of the character. Hence, I rest my case.

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